Tuesday, March 6, 2007

New Tokyo Police Club!!!1!!1!

The Tokyo Police Club bandwagon seems to be picking up speed. I may as well jump on while I still can, eh?

I was going to say that I don't really know that much about them, but I probably know as much as anybody else. I have all of their EP's and singles, so you know, I'll go ahead and try to share.

Their first release was the A Lesson In Crime EP, which released April 27th of last year. You've probably heard that. You may not have heard the UK version, though, and the UK version contains a bonus track...

Tokyo Police Club- Cut Cut Paste

That leads me to the next EP... The upcoming three-track Smith EP. One of the three tracks on the new EP happens to be "Cut Cut Paste."

The third track from the Smith EP may be my favorite yet from the band.

Tokyo Police Club- A Lesson In Crime

"A Lesson In Crime" also appeared on Tokyo Police Club's 2006 tour Ep, along with acoustic versions of 4 tracks from the A Lesson In Crime EP.

Earlier this year -- at the end of last month actually, I think -- Tokyo Police Club had a session with Daytrotter, where they performed two new songs, including "Graves," and the aptly titled "New Song."

Tokyo Police Club told Daytrotter: This was the first song we put together after recording our EP. At the time, we named it “New Song” and reckoned we would change it later, but we have been playing it for months now and it is still just “New Song.” I guess if it ever shows up on a record we will come up with a title.

Tokyo Police Club- New Song (Live Daytrotter Session)

Tokyo Police Club- Graves (Live Daytrotter Session)

I have no clue when they plan on releasing a full-length, but I am pretty excited for it already.


Picture by theplot


bruno-sugai said...

don't know how else to say this... but i've been listening to can since 14 (24 now) and i finally made something i think is good enough. and i figured you might dig it.

it's here: http://tago-mago.net/music.htm

remixes of the streets, marvin gaye, mos def, b-52's, cocteau twins, more

hope you like it


The "Eardrums shall fail" blog said:

"Rarely have I heard a reinvention of music I was, or thought I was, familiar with, in such unexpected ways. "



"Irk the Purists" said:

"interesting bedroom remixes, some of the best I've heard in a long while. "


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