Monday, July 9, 2007

Kings of Leon, New B-side, Woo Hoo

Let me preface this post a bit.

Shortly after I made the last post bad things started to happen. They say bad things come in threes, right? Well, first my laptop broke. That's the only problem that effects you in any way I guess; it's hard to post about new music with no computer or access to digital music.

So that kind of sucks.

Then there are a couple slightly more painful problems.

First, I dislocated my shoulder in a soccer match. Normally I would just be like, whatever, but I'm on scholarship and have to report to school for soccer exactly one month from tomorrow. So I have a dislocated shoulder now. Whatever, I can still train... Right?

Well, not so much.

I found out a couple days ago that I also have mono. Now my throat is so swollen that I wake up at night unable to breathe. I actually had to wake my girlfriend up to take me to the ER yesterday at like 5 am because I started to worry I was about to go out like Jimi without the sex drugs or rock & roll.

All of these problems suddenly seem trivial, though, as I just heard Kings of Leon's newest track, "Woo Hoo," the b-side to their "Fans" single, and I was reminded of everything good in the world.

Kings of Leon- Woo Hoo

Now I have a fever and I don't feel like typing anymore.