Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Andrew Bird Has Made My Day

I mentioned Andrew Bird a week or two ago when talking about the Bowerbirds. What I didn't tell you is that Andrew Bird's last proper album, The Mysterious Production of Eggs (2005), has probably become one of my most played albums of all time. There's just something about that album...

Last year Bird released "Fingerlings 3," the third in a series of (mostly) live albums (appropriately preceded by, you guessed it, Fingerlings 1 & 2)

Fingerlings 3 provided a first look at two of the tracks ("Dark Matter" and "Scythian Empire") from Bird's scheduled March 20, 2007 release "Armchair Apocrypha." The live album was enough to tide me over, like a mid-morning snack, but lunch has finally arrived; this afternoon I received an advance copy of Armchair Apocrypha.

Bird is one of the most talented musicians around right now. He isn't going to make any bad music... End of story. The real question for me is will this album hit me the way his last did? Only time will tell, but at the moment I am really, really liking it.

From Armchair Apocrypha:

Andrew Bird- Heretics

Andrew Bird- Spare-Ohs

From Fingerlings 3:

Andrew Bird- Dark Matter (Live)

Just for fun, a live version of my favorite track from The Mysterious Production of Eggs, from Fingerlings 2 (2004):

Andrew Bird- Master Fade (Live)


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