Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Some Beirut You May Not Have Heard

Last month I got hold of a couple new Beirut tracks that comprise the emusic exclusive Pompeii EP. It's kind of cool that Zach Condon works so hard to always bring his fans new music, but two tracks? Maaan. Kidding. I can't complain.

Beirut- Fountains and Tramways

Beirut- Napoleon on the Bellerophon

And because the Pompeii EP isn't super new, I'll try to throw something else up that you might not have heard...

Last year Beirut hooked up with Calexico to release a very limited split 7-inch. Beirut recorded a track called "The Interior of a Dutch House," that I don't believe has been released on anything else, while Calexico recorded a BBTR favorite, "The Guns of Brixton."

Beirut- Interior of a Dutch House

Calexico- The Guns of Brixton


Picture By bobbybulat.


Anonymous said...

That Calexico cover of Guns of Brixton is ill, man.

Denton said...

I agree. That's probably the best cover of that song that I've heard.

Anonymous said...

lotta your links are dead....btw.