Monday, March 5, 2007

Lupe Fiasco: AOL Session

Sometime at the end of 06, Lupe Fiasco had a live AOL session. He performed a number of tracks from Food & Liquor (BBTR's 06 Hip Hop album of the year) with a live band backing him. The result is pretty incredible stuff. Check out the videos here.

Or, if you don't feel like clicking the link, here's "Sunshine"...

And just incase you wanted some mp3's...

As far as I know, these are the only mp3's from this session on the net. That's right, another Born by the River exclusive.

Lupe Fiasco- Daydreamin' (Live AOL Session)

Lupe Fiasco- Kick, Push (Live AOL Session)

My only complaint is that he didn't do "Hurt Me Soul." Easily my favorite track from Food & Liquor.


Picture by Hooverdust


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