Wednesday, February 28, 2007

You'd Never Guess What I've Had on Repeat All Day

Yeserday I got a copy of Lou Barlow's new Mirror The Eye EP, and I can't stop listening to the opening track, "Yawning Blue Messiah."

I've never been super into Lou Barlow and Sebadoh -- or even Dinosaur Jr, whose new album will be covered here one of these days. I mean, sure he's kinda cool, and Sebadoh had some awesome songs, but I just never completely dug either. What's good with the Sebadoh reunion though? I know they're touring, but is there going to be an album? I actually only know they're touring because they're rolling through my hometown, Eugene, in a few days. Unfortunately I am, and will be, 1200 miles away.

Anyways, "Yawning Blue Messiah." Very good. One of my favorite tracks of the year so far.

Lou Barlow- Yawning Blue Messiah

You can get Mirror The Eye on Amazon for $7.72, so, you know, go ahead and support Lou.

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