Thursday, March 1, 2007

Kings of Leon: BBTR's Take

BBTR = Born by the River. Just incase you didn't know...

So let me fill you in on my history with Kings of Leon. I read about Youth and Young Manhood before it released, and became infatuated with the idea of owning it. I had never heard any of the band's music before, but I fell in love with the band name, the album title, and what I had read about them.

Note: Pops raised me on southern rock: CCR, the Allman Brothers Band, Little Feat, James Gang, etc.

Anyways, I bought Youth and Young Manhood the day it released, and played the hell out of it. I can't think of any albums that I listened to more in 2003 and 2004, despite receiving some poor reviews (like this shitty pitchfork review that spends more time critiquing the backstory than the music itself).

By the time Aha Shake Heartbreak released in early 2005, even pops was a fan. I instantly fell in love with that album, as well. Honestly, I think I will be listening to Aha Shake as long as I live.

Now to the good stuff.

I posted the first single, "On Call," from the new Kings of Leon album, Because of the Times, a few weeks back. I liked the track a lot. It's kind of a departure from their previous garage-blues efforts. Just a day or two after I posted "On Call" I received an advance copy of the album. At first I was kind of disappointed. I don't dig synth shit at all. I like music to be cleanly produced, but studio tricks are not my style. I'm definitely a purist; I like to hear a guitar, a bass, and some drums. The Korg has no place in rock, in my humble opinion.

Trost dug the album right away, but Trost is an easy sell. It took me at least a week to get into Because of the Times, but now I would list it right up there with Andrew Bird, Willy Mason, and the Ponys as the best albums of the year. The band has evolved. They have progressed in many ways. Caleb Followill's vocals are by far the most noticable improvement. I loved them already, but people used to complain endlessly. Now I dont think they have anything to complain about. Because of the Times is a giant step forward for Kings of Leon.

Two of my favorite tracks from the album:

Kings of Leon- Black Thumbnail

Kings of Leon- Ragoo

For some reason, I have a strange emotional attatchment to Kings of Leon, so I might not be the best source for a reliable take on the album, but I would urge everyone to buy it.

One more bonus track... Here's an alternate version of "Molly's Chambers," a b-side from the 2003 "Wasted Time" single...

Kings of Leon- Molly's Hangover



FrankieLee said...

I'm in the same boat man. Saw them carry their own instruments into a show at The Khyber when they first started touring, and have been to ever Philly area show since (except their opening for U2). Love everything they do, but the first time I heard the new album I was disappointed too. Still a couple songs I'm not thrilled with, but from track six on, it's great. I'd still rate the first two albums (and their debut EP, "Wicker Chair" is awesome) over this one, but it's always great to have new Kings.

Haven't been able to get my hands on an mp3 of "Head to Toe," a b-side off their last album. Yahoo Music seems to be the only one that sells it, but I still can't get it to work for me. Would love to see that posted if you've got it.

Denton said...

Yeah I can post "Head to Toe" up tomorrow. I'll throw up a few more Kings of Leon tracks as well. I'll go ahead and make a day of it.

FrankieLee said...

Awesome, thanks man.

maya said...

I feel the same about kings of leon- I'll always be following them along their journey.

So amazed i can listen to these rare tracks wicker chair eg. I am ecstatic that I've got Molly's Hangover now- yippee!!

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