Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Some Live Josh Ritter For You Ungrateful Bastards

Thanks for all of the wonderful "happy birthday" comments and emails that I didn't get.

Kidding. Of course.

Back to business.

So, as of the end of last month, Josh Ritter has a new EP out, Live at the Record Exchange. Of the six tracks on the EP, 2 are new; one is a John Prine cover, "Daddy's Little Pumpkin," and the other is one of his own "Bandits." Josh Ritter is one of the few singer/songwriters out right now that I listen to on a consistent basis. Right up there with Willy Mason, Jim Guthrie, Neko Case, etc. Pretty elite company.

Josh Ritter- Daddy's Little Pumpkin (John Prine Cover)

Josh Ritter- Bandits

It's a really good EP, and at $6 it's pretty cheap. Go pick it up.

That's all for today.

Oh, and yes, that handsome devil in yesterday's post is your boy.


Trost said...

I said happy birthday.

Denton said...

Man, you don't count.

And if I ever see you commenting on my blog again...