Saturday, April 7, 2007

That Good Ol' Born By The River Sound

I've never really explained the name of this site... Yes, yes, it was taken from one of the greatest songs of all time, but it also seemed like a good way to express my love for bluegrass, americana, country, rockabilly, blues, etc. Real music. Music that has that born by the river soul. It's something that you just don't find that often anymore.

Trainwreck Riders... For a while I kept hearing tales of their raucous live sets, so about a week ago I hunted down a copy of their 2006 album, Lonely Road Revival. How had I not heard this band before? They're awesome. For some reason, after listening to their album, I felt a strange desire to break out Cosmo's Factory. Check em out...

Trainwreck Riders- Through Unto the End

Trainwreck Riders- Old Timey Feeling

Also, check out their Daytrotter session from not too long ago.

I don't remember where I first heard about Cassino. I think the cover of their album, Sounds of Salvation (released March 29th), caught my eye somewhere. If Tweedy and Farrar were still making music together, this is what it would sound like. I really, really like this album.

Cassino- The Old Year

Cassino- Platano

I would like to publicly declare my love for Free Indie dot com. I should go ahead and declare my love for Carlon, too. A couple weeks ago I downloaded Free Indie's Carlon webmix, and I've been listening to it daily ever since.

"Carlon is the beer drinker's indie band."

Say no more.

Carlon- Ferris Wheel

I'd also like to point out that "Ferris Wheel" is one of the best songs I've heard in a long time. If you listen to nothing else in this post, listen to "Ferris Wheel." Please.



Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton, as usual.

Just a note to you guys: Cassino- The Old Year is not working, it might be uploaded improperly or something.

Thanks again.

Denton said...

Hmmm good call. Try it now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks mang.

Oz said...

We caught Trainwreck Riders down in Austin at SXSW and they were incredible. It was the best set we saw (and we saw VietNam, Cold War Kids, Okkervil River, Elvis Perkins and several others). They are nothing like their album when you see them live. Definitely more punk (cow-punk) than alt-country.

Check Carlon - Post Traumatic Stress also. Great tune.

Thanks for Cassino. That's new to me, but I'm loving it. Apparently we have the same taste in music.

Keep up the good work guys. Love the site.

Anonymous said...

Nice tracks. I really like Trainwreck Riders.

I dig your blog too.