Monday, April 9, 2007

More Rare Guillemots (I was going to do it no matter what)

So a few days ago I told you I'd post up some more Guillemots b-sides and rarities if you asked for them. Well, you did ask for them, but honestly, I probably would have posted some more anyways.

I'll start with a couple b-sides....

Last year Guillemots released "Made-Up Love Song #43" as the second single from their fantastic album Through the Windowpane. The CD version of the single came with two b-sides, a demo of a song called "Woody Brown River," and "The Dormouse & The Meerkat."

Guillemots- Woody Brown River (Demo)

Guillemots- The Dormouse & The Meerkat

I seriously have so many rare Guillemots tracks that I don't know where to go next. I guess I'll go with the two tracks that came exculsively on the Japanese Edition of From the Cliffs.

Guillemots- Moonlight

Guillemots- Pa Moila

The third official Guillemots release was a four track EP called Of the Night that was available for download on the band's website. I've heard that it released on CD and Vinyl later, but I have never seen either.

Guillemots- She's Evil

Guillemots- The Rising Tide
Guillemots- Bad Boyfriend
Guillemots- By the Water

I'll round out this post at an even 10 tracks with a couple live recordings you probably haven't heard. These two tracks are sound desk recordings from last year's november 25th London Calling show.

Guillemots- 21st May

Guillemots- Words

Ok, that's enough for today. I have a couple more, but these are my favorites. Let me know what you think.


Photo by Laurencea


Anonymous said...

Great tracks. Thanks.

Iain said...

Thanks for these, they're great as always. What other unreleased tracks do you have (eg. not b-sides from singles/EPs or bonus tracks)?

Fab said...

Thanks very much! Great tracks! How come you have so many rare Guillemots tracks?

Jared said...

Thank you so much!! I love the Guillemots - every song gives you something completely new and different to listen to =) If you have any other tracks please please please put them up!

Anonymous said...

I thank you muchly for uploading all these rare tracks!

Anonymous said...

Um you rock.

Elliott Broidy said...

Good for you!