Sunday, March 11, 2007

For Those Of You Still Interested In The Shins

Yesterday I got my hands on the Shins' Japanese release of Wincing the Night Away. The Japanese release came with two bonus tracks that aren't on the American release; "Nothing at All" and "Split Needles (Alternate)." You may recognize both of these tracks from the "Phantom Limb" single released last year.

The Shins- Nothing at All

The Shins- Split Needles (Alternate)

For some reason I always feel guilty when I only bring you a couple mp3's, so here's one more you might not have. This is a b-side to the Shins' 2002 single "Know Your Onion!"

The Shins- Sphagnum Esplanade


Photo By thomaskrap


Al McD said...

Split needles version is fantastic!

Denton said...

I agree.

Scott said...

A little FYI, I got those two songs on a 7" recently.

Not sure how rare it is.

Anonymous said...

Can someone re-up these?