Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Snake The Cross The Crown

I heard the band name, and I knew they'd be good; The Snake The Cross The Crown... Damn.

I've never heard anything from this band before. I've actually never heard of this band. I'm telling you though, a good name goes a long way. When I came across the advance of their new album, Cotton Teeth, I didn't just cast it aside like I do with most... I saw the ill name and decided I'd give it a listen.

To me they sound, at times, like Wildflowers-era Tom Petty, or maybe Wilco during a melodic country-folkish moment... with the occasional synth layer of course.

I can see this album competing for serious time in the changer for quite a while.

The Snake The Cross The Crown- Cotton Teeth
The Snake The Cross The Crown- Behold the River

Also, check out a live performance of "Cakewalk" (And try to tell me that you don't hear "It's Good to be King")

Their album, Cotton Teeth, releases March 20th. I really hope people support this band. They make good music.


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