Sunday, February 11, 2007

Peter Bjorn and John: The Young Folks

So I just got the US release of Peter Bjorn and John's Writer's Block, and it came with a 6-track bonus disk. Two of the tracks, "All Those Expectations (Weak Mix)" and "Ancient Curse," released already as b-sides to the Young Folks single, and one of the other tracks, "Self Pity," released as a b-side to Lets Call it Off. Then there is a version of Young Folks called the "Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Re-Animation," apparently done by Erol Alkan (it manages to sound curiously like the original version...), and the "original version" of Lets Call it Off. The only track from the bonus disk that I hadn't heard is called "Sitar Folks."

Peter Bjorn and John- Sitar Folks

I guess there's a good chance that you haven't heard all of those b-sides yet, so I'll go ahead and pass them along as well...

Peter Bjorn and John- All Those Expectations (Weak Remix)

Peter Bjorn and John- Ancient Curse
Peter Bjorn and John- Self-Pity

And just for fun, from their last album, 2005's Falling Out...

Peter Bjorn and John- Teen Love

That's all for now.

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