Tuesday, April 24, 2007

S is for Islands

On March 30th Islands released an extremely limited 2-track 7-inch, -S-, as part of Tomlab's Alphabet Series. The a-side is "Flesh," a previously unreleased track that predates Islands' 2006 debut album Return to the Sea. I've heard that "Flesh" was actually the first track the band ever recorded, and the Unicorns even played it at their final shows. The b-side is a brand new track (!) called "Dnttakemy Wingzz Away." I've liked "Flesh" since the first time I heard it, but "Dnttakemy Wingzz Away" definitely took a few listens to grow on me. I like both tracks quite a bit, though.

Islands- Flesh

Islands- Dnttakemy Wingzz Away

You didn't really think I was going to leave the post at that, did you? This is Born by the River...

The second single from Return to the Sea was the infinitely infectious "Rough Gem." The single released with a b-side called "Big Bluff."

Islands- Big Bluff

And just because I love "Rough Gem," here's the video, directed by Nick Diamonds himself...

One last surprise for you. Islands' cover of the Kinks classic "Waterloo Sunset" (for the record, one of my favorite songs of all time)

Islands- Waterloo Sunset


Photo by Clever Name