Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Good Shoes

Good Shoes decided that they would rather I did not write anything about them.


Anonymous said...

Weak and generic. You're right to be lukewarm about these stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

are you a yank? this band are great - totally unique sound, loads of fun, social comment, endless brillinat songwriting. tons of effort put into every aspect of what they do. your review and joke ('bad shoes'! you talentless twot) on the other hand are utterly devoid of inspiration. and if i hear another clap your little arcade pitchfork ones on the radio type band again i'm going to eat my own ears. self important earnest sods.

Denton said...

Look here, slick.

Good Shoes not only suck, they actively attempt to alienate their entire internet fanbase (which is actually their only fanbase in the states).

They reported us for copyright infringment, and our site was temporarily shut down.

The post was edited accordingly when we got the site back up.

Anonymous said...

Bloody good they reported you for copy right infringement, tosser. I don't know what kinds of drugs you have been on lately to say you think everything in England shounds like Good Shoes right now, I cant think of any other band that's doing what good shoes are doing at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I am certain the only reason they would have reported you for copyright infringement is if you had their whole album up when it leaked. I bet you did.
I mean this is a band who built a following by allowing all their output to be freely downloaded online.
but the finished album they put 3 years of work into , so could you not at least have waited until it was out? I'm sure your blog is important to you but is it worth thousands of illegal downloads?

Anonymous said...

What was that? you call that a review? 'It kind of sounds a lot like everything else coming out of England right now,'
You, sir, are a full on penis.
If you have been paying any kind of attention to the kind of bands England have been producing lately you SHOULD have noticed they are all cliche Libertine rip off's like the view for example, There is not one band out there that share the same sound as Good Shoes, they are totally 100 %unique. You should be ashamed, you're pathetic excuse for a review and you're attempt of a "joke" is disgraceful, I would like to lock you up in a cage and put good shoes on repeat just to piss you off, while i dance around singing all the lyrics at the top of my voice. :)

Denton said...

Ok, clearly some of you are not understanding that the Good Shoes post was completely edited after the band had our site temporarily shut down for posting up two of their tracks. Before the edit it looked like the other posts here. I posted a link to the Good Shoes site, I posted two tracks, I said I was digging them, and I asked my readers to support them. I DON'T WRITE NEGATIVE THINGS ABOUT BANDS HERE. I write about music that I dig. End of story.

FLAD said...

Last time I checked this was Denton's website. He can say anything he wants.

Not sure why "anonymous" is so defensive of Good Shoes. Maybe he is their drummer... :P

Anonymous - If you don't like the website then move on you cunt.

Jason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jason said...

what ever happend to the intelligence of the common american?

fuck your shite featured american 'indie' bands they're crap.

if you want to post music don't post it from their leaked album, post their demos you amjack idiot.

good shoes > any american indie

Denton said...

You're right, Jason, I am pretty unintelligent.

I have to wonder, though, did you even see what was posted? I don't think you did.

Oh well, though. If you don't like the site, or American music, don't come back. I won't be hurt.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused as to what people are actually replying so angrily about.
Where was it said that the good shoes are unoriginal? (genuine question)

From what I've seen of this site it only posts positively, unless it was a negative comment?

Personally I think the good shoes are original. (the only slight down side is that they may be abit repetitive)

I think its short sighted that they asked this to be removed. You'll always be able to find artists music on the net, torrents etc. at least here I feel there is a healthier appreciation of music which leads to people supporting artists...

Good Vibes! XD