Sunday, February 25, 2007

What Happened to The Magic Numbers?

Weren't The Magic Numbers kind of a big deal a year or two ago?

Their latest album, Those The Brokes, has released without much commotion. Hell, I didn't even know the album had a single, let alone two, until I received a copy of the second, "This is a Song," a couple days ago. I guess I did receive it just a few days after it released (Feb 19), but still...

I'm gonna go ahead and assume you haven't heard the single...

The Magic Numbers- This is a Song

And, as usual, I've got the b-side for you...

The Magic Numbers- Oh, You Might As Well Live in My Head Now (The Jump Rope Song)

And if you're fiending for more Magic Numbers music, check out "Your Call," from the Concretes 06 album, The Concretes in Colour...

The Concretes- Your Call

Yeah, that last one was kind of a stretch, but I felt like you deserved more than that single and its b-side.


PS. Be on the lookout for the first Born by the River mix...

Check back in a day or two.

1 comment:

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