Friday, February 9, 2007

Someone Should Check Willy Mason's Birth Certificate

I'll preface this by admitting that I have never heard Willy Mason's first album. I've heard of it, is that good enough? No? Oh well.

I recently came across an advance copy of his new album, If the Ocean Gets Rough. I wasn't particularly intrigued at first; I didn't know much about Willy Mason. I had heard that he toured with the Decemberists once. Oh, and he claims to be 22.

That's pretty much it.

I said a while ago that the albums that end up sounding are the best usually sneak up on me. I never see them coming. That theory has, once again, held true.

To be honest, after a week of listening I really haven't found anything about this album that I dislike. From the beautiful second track, "The World I Wanted," that is probably going to hit painfully close to home for a lot of people, to the immensely catchy first single, "Save Myself," there aren't any weak spots on the album.

I wish I could bring you all 11 tracks. I would really encourage everyone to buy this album when it comes out on March 19th.

Willy Mason- The World That I Wanted
Willy Mason- When The River Moves On

Also, check out his 2005 single, Oxygen.

Willy Mason- Oxygen


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