Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lupe Fiasco: Put It In Your Car And Cruise

It's a story we've all heard before: Lupe Fiasco single-handedly bringing back real hip-hop and whatnot. I heard all the Tribe, De La, etc comparisons before I had heard Lupe on anything other than that Kanye track.

I liked "Kick, Push," but I didn't even listen to Food & Liquor for a while after it released. To be honest, the hype turned me off to the album initially.

So it turned out this kid really did have some skills.

Food & Liquor ended up battling Nas for my favorite hip-hop album of 2006, and, in the end, it probably came out on top.

"Daydreamin'," which features Jill Scott, was released last year as a single, but it never really came out as a proper single with b-sides and whatnot. It just had the album version/radio version/instrumental. Actually, I believe one version came out with "Kick, Push" as a second track, which doesn't make much sense to me, but whatever.

Anyways, it released this year the way it should have in the first place, with a couple of niiice b-sides that would have fit in nicely anywhere on the album.

Lupe Fiasco- And He Gets The Girl
Lupe Fiasco- Theme Music To A Drive-By

..devious skill that make a strong-willed nigga wane/since a lil nigga hang/with the killas and distributers of caine/they dismemberers of swishers and refill it with the jane/then they tilt it and they lit it with a flame/then they took a pull of killa to the brain like...

And just for fun... Actually you've probably already seen this, but check it out again. Styles P., Papoose, and Lupe on BET. Lupe is nice as usual, but Papoose actually surprised me with a couple intelligent lines before he reverted back to gradeschool punchlines...

Over 100 soldiers died this month, I drop info/out of 100, the majority was negros


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