Monday, February 19, 2007

Kaiser Chefs. Er. Kaiser Chiefs.

Kaiser Chiefs have a new single out. You've probably heard it.

Kaiser Chiefs- Ruby

The single released, uh, today on CD. Like most singles, it has some b-sides. And like most b-sides, I have them for you.

Actually, I believe the CD has one b-side, and the 7-inch has a different b-side.

From the CD...

Kaiser Chiefs- From The Neck Down

And from the 7-inch...

Kaiser Chiefs- Admire You

That's all for today. Too much going on. I appreciate all the feedback we've been getting. Keep the comments and emails coming. It's fun.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!
Ric (from Holland)

Denton said...

Hey, no problem Ric from Holland. Thanks for checkin the site out.