Thursday, January 11, 2007


If someone asked me to list my favorite albums of the current decade, the result would likely include all three Constantines LP's (and I'm not even Canadian)

I sure do like them.

You've probably heard of the Cons' love for Neil Young, and their cover band Horsey Craze. What you might not have heard is the 1,000 copy, vinyl-only split record that was released earlier this year with the Unintended. The first side of the record is the Cons playing Neil Young, while the second is the Unintended playing Gordon Lightfoot... The record was aptly titled "The Constantines play Young/Unintended play Lightfoot."

The four Young tracks covered are "Don't Be Denied," "Transformer Man," "Don't Cry No Tears," and "Shots."

All four covers are, as expected, stellar. As far as I know there aren't any mp3's from this record floating around the web. Excuse me, there weren't any floating around the web... That's right, Born By the River bringing it to you first. Check out the Constantines- Don't Cry No Tears.

And just incase you haven't heard it, check out the original, from Young's 1975 album Zuma: Neil Young- Don't Cry No Tears

If you like the Cons take on No Tears, you might like this as well: Constantines- Fuckin' Up

Fuckin' Up was one of the tracks that the Cons had originally recorded for this release, but unfortunately it ended up on the cutting room floor.



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