Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Guillemots B-Sides

Yesterday Guillemots released a new version of "Annie, Let's Not Wait" as their newest single. I got my hands on it last week, but didn't give it a listen until just a couple days ago. The new version of Annie, to put it bluntly, kicks the shit out of the album version. They ditch the synth, add in some backing vocals, and the song comes alive. Suddenly it has a soul.

Guillemots- Annie, Let's Not Wait (Single Version)

The second track on the single is a demo called "Photograph." It's a slower track, in the vein of "Redwings" from Through the Windowpane. Even if a bit cliche, Fyfe Dangerfield sounds sincere when he laments "Oh, make me smile/I used to make you laugh/but then I used to look at you, and not this photograph."

Guillemots- Photograph (Demo)

The single concludes with a cover of Franz Ferdinand's 2004 single "Take Me Out." I'll pass. It's not a bad cover or anything; I really just can't listen to the song anymore.

The first two tracks are good enough to warrant buying the single.


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