Monday, January 15, 2007

What's New... To Us

I'll admit it, despite being a consummate indie music nerd, I find myself catching a lot of great new music well after it has released or leaked. It may not be new to you; it's new to me, and I'm a generous person...

I honestly cannot remember how or when I heard about the Baltimore band Arbouretum . I somehow recently ended up with an advance copy of their newest album, Rites of Uncovering, which will officially release January 23 on Thrill Jockey. I'm really digging it; it might be the best 07 album I've heard so far. The first comparison that comes to mind is Comets on Fire's latest album, but I'm hearing influences dating back as far as Cream, Blue Cheer, and King Crimson (Three bands that, thanks to my dad, I was raised on)

Arbouretum- Signposts and Instruments

I have to give Trost credit for introducing me to the Bowerbirds . He showed me their self-released EP, Danger At Sea, last week, and I fell in love with it immediately. The first thing I was struck by was Phil Moore's voice, which is eerily similar to that of Andrew Bird. There's really only one misstep on the EP. The fifth track, "La DenigraciĆ³n," isn't that great. I'm pretty sure "La DenigraciĆ³n" is Spanish for "would have been great without the accordion." Something like that anyways...

Danger At Sea was released in August of 06. I would suggest that everyone go to the band's website and purchase the album.

The Bowerbirds- My Oldest Memory

The Ruby Suns self-titled debut, out on Lil' Chief Records, has been around for a while overseas (since some time in 05), but it released in the US through Rough Trade in 06. I'm actually kind of embarrassed to admit that I heard it for the first time no more than 3 weeks ago, when it released in the US way back on April 12. Southern California product Ryan McPhun is apparently the driving force behind the New Zealand-based band that has received comparisons to bands like the Beach Boys and the Flaming Lips. To me they sound a bit like Tripping Daisy. To be honest, I'm not really digging the album as a whole that much, but there are a few standout tracks... A few flashes of brilliance.

The Ruby Suns- Trepidation Part Two

I found Austin, Texas band Tacks, the Boy Disaster through Midlake on... um... myspace. What a pleasant surprise this band turned out to be. After a couple of listens to the songs on their myspace page I went and located a copy of their first release, the 7 track EP entitled "Oh, Beatrice." I want to make a comparison for you, but I really can't. I've heard people compare them to the Beatles and the Beach Boys, but I really don't hear either. The band is currently touring with fellow Texans, Midlake. I've also read that Tacks have completed recording for their first full length LP. I haven't seen a scheduled release date anywhere, though.

Tacks, the Boy Disaster- Forget-Me-Not

That's all for now, enjoy.

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